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When the world gives you Lemons, Dolce and Gabbana make it Sweet

Domenico Dolce made his return to Miami last month with a Dolce & Gabbana-themed cocktail party. The event, hosted on a Mediterranean-style waterfront property, celebrated the brand’s latest capsule collection. Mytheresa’s CEO Michael Kliger flew in from Germany to attend the event, which lured the likes of Alfonso Dolce, NBA star P.J. Tucker, Dree Hemingway, Athena Calderone, Violetta Komyshan, Heather Kaminetsky, and more. All the guests were dressed in the latest collection, which is fully splashed in a quintessentially Dolce lemon print. Nary a guest didn’t have a lemon on their person in some shape or form. Dolce himself even made an appearance at the event, looking dapper as ever in a suit and tie.

Dolce looked absolutely stunning in his black jacket garnished with a brooch. The attendees were all very Dolce-clad and looking beautiful. “Thank you for making us all look so beautiful,” said one Dolce-clad attendee. The event was lovely, the pool glowed after sunset and the partygoers encircled it, taking turns posing for photos and nibbling on Sicilian-style pizza. Tucker held court with his crew in a corner, and absolutely everybody wanted to say ciao to Mr. Dolce. The designer took turns greeting his adoring guests and even posed for a few photos. It was a wonderful evening all around and the lemons were definitely a nice touch!

Just as the party reached pique attendance, Kliger welcomed his many well-dressed guests. “We celebrate tonight our longstanding relationship with Dolce and Gabbana, which we’re very proud of and we’re also celebrating the upcoming launch and fantastic capsule collection,” he said. “We are honored and privileged to welcome tonight, Domenico, Alfonso, and members of the team,” ended his remarks, this time in perfect Italian, “thank you everyone, and have a fabulous evening!”

And with that, everyone did. Upon exit, there was one last surprise from Mytheresa, a little goodie bag filled with a lemon-printed Dolce silk scarf. Sometimes when life gives you lemons, it can be really quite chic. The Dolce x Mytheresa event was a big success – everyone had a great time celebrating the wonderful partnership between the two iconic brands. Thanks to Kliger’s charming speech and the lovely parting gift, the evening was one that guests will surely remember fondly.

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